Updates from the Garden

What a week it has been! I look forward to my time alone in these quiet beds to focus my energy and center my self. It really is my zen and a haven in which I can quiet my mind. I’ve been gardening for about a year now and I have learned so much in these last 12 months! I have learned to put your time into researching your zone, your seasons, and your pests especially when you are a novice.

Fundamentals in gardening do not always come so easily to everyone. It is a little more than plugging a seed into the dirt, giving it a drink of water, and BAM! There is your garden! How much water is too much? How much sunlight will this plant need? Does this seed need particular spacing? All these questions and more come into play and it is only the beginning!

These are things I had to learn this year. I used my local book store to find Florida related gardening and plant “help” plus looking online at our local agricultural extension for information on what to plant and when. I learned a ton from YouTube from channels like Roots & Refuge Farm, MIGardener and my homestead dreaming from Justin Rhodes, and Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.

This is where that itch I had to garden now seemed reasonable! It was do-able! All I had to do was start somewhere. I started in a 4’x8’ bed last year, and from there it has grown each season to what I have today, and I still don’t feel satisfied!

Whatever your desire is, just leap off that idea and start your journey, no matter how small at first. It will quickly grow into something beautiful, and wonderful, and nice. Get a notebook and use it as your gardening journal. Log what you plant and when. Log your successes and your failures. Learn from your mistakes!

You will be so thankful you recorded everything so you can look back on it and see what worked and what didn’t. It’s a great way to see what maybe you would try doing differently next time to see if you get better results too. Experimenting in the garden is one of my favorite parts of gardening. Everything has a basic science to it, however it isn’t an exact science and that is what makes it so interesting. Most of all, remember to make it FUN!

Happy gardening and many blessings!


Published by FloridaGardenGirl

Hey Y'all! My name is Nicole, and I am a wife and mother just trying to make it through this thing called life and survive in one piece! I decided to start up gardening here in our home state of Florida (zone 9B) in 2018 dappling with one 4'x8' bed and I stuffed what I could in there. It was AMAZING! I had this giddy excitement inside me that was screaming for joy at my new found hobby, and it has grown so much more over the past year or so! Now we own laying hens, garden in 8 raised beds in our back yard almost year round, and we homeschool! I have learned so much from this experience and I would love to share it with you! This exciting adventure has encouraged me to start blogging about our experiences, successes and failures in hopes to inspire others to follow the desires of their heart and reach for their dreams. This is a space for lifting others up and freeing yourselves from the woes of the world! Relax and garden a little. You will be surprised how amazing it is and how rewarding it can be!

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