Now that I have been avidly gardening for a year, I felt comfortable with growing other things that we normally eat such as snap beans. I got the yellow wax beans and the royal burgundy beans from and they have done amazing in the garden! The germination rate for the beans themselves were incredible, and they have yielded so much!

Tonight I harvested the many beans I had to go with dinner and loaded them into our “harvest” basket. Them sitting in this huge basket did not look like much, but as I was snapping and cleaning them up to cook, my large colander became full to the brim with these beans that my Son and I harvested. I ended up saving the remaining beans for a future meal.

The feeling of pride as I took that first bite made it so satisfying. My husband complimented me on dinner (per usual, hah) and commented on how good the beans were. He was proud of my effort and I appreciated the little pat on the back. Our 9year old happily ate the beans he has helped to grow over the last few weeks and harvest. He said it was “really cool” to have a farm and grow our own stuff to eat. Lol!!! I had to then explain that the farm is a dream of mine, but what we had was as close to that as we can get here in the city!

Lucy was a lucky girl digging in the compost pile and getting the worms all to herself!

I’ve learned so much this year about gardening that it has become more than a little hobby of mine to pass the time and distract from reality. Being a mom who works full time hours for a corporate office, I get stressed and overwhelmed at times. Everyone does! Life in general is hard all on it’s own and then you juggle being a wife, mother and working for a living while trying to be healthy and just get to baseball practice on time every now and then. The things that matter is how you deal with that stress and what you do to release yourself from that tension. This is what I do and it works for me! Find your happy place!

Published by FloridaGardenGirl

Hey Y'all! My name is Nicole, and I am a wife and mother just trying to make it through this thing called life and survive in one piece! I decided to start up gardening here in our home state of Florida (zone 9B) in 2018 dappling with one 4'x8' bed and I stuffed what I could in there. It was AMAZING! I had this giddy excitement inside me that was screaming for joy at my new found hobby, and it has grown so much more over the past year or so! Now we own laying hens, garden in 8 raised beds in our back yard almost year round, and we homeschool! I have learned so much from this experience and I would love to share it with you! This exciting adventure has encouraged me to start blogging about our experiences, successes and failures in hopes to inspire others to follow the desires of their heart and reach for their dreams. This is a space for lifting others up and freeing yourselves from the woes of the world! Relax and garden a little. You will be surprised how amazing it is and how rewarding it can be!

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